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New Residential Zones October 8, 2016

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Port Phillip Council was the ONLY Council which had not had rezones approved. The process took 3 years.



The previous State government introduced the residential zones scheme under which Councils could provide greater certainty about the types of development that can be expected in residential areas by dividing areas categorised as residential into different zones. The greatest restrictions on developments are in Neighbourhood Residential Zones (NRZ), with an 8 metre height limit and limits on the number of dwellings which can be built on a lot.

Work on the Residential Zones began in February 2014 when Port Phillip Council consulted on its proposed application of the new zones. Council undertook this work in two stages:

  • Stage 1 (Amendment C113) – Council adopted a ‘Stage 1’ translation of the New Residential Zones and resolved to request the Minister for Planning undertake an amendment (Amendment C113) to implement the new residential zones.
  • Stage 2 (Amendment C114) – The Stage 2 built upon the earlier Amendment C113  and  considered further potential changes to zoning for specific areas, following consultation with affected property owners.

These amendments were forwarded to the Minister for Planning for approval (in May and August 2014 respectively).  In May 2015, Council received a response from the Minister for Planning to undertake further work on Amendments C113 and C114. The suggested changes included combining the two amendments, replacing the sliding density scale with a maximum number of dwellings and considering some additional areas for inclusion in the General Residential Zone. In response to the Minister’s request, in October 2015 Council considered two options and referred them to the Minister. The two options were:

  • Council’s preferred option (Amendment C118) – which combined Amendments C113 and C114 and made mainly administrative changes
  • An alternate option (Amendment C123) – Made the same administrative changes as C118 but also identified some additional areas to be considered for inclusion in the General Residential Zone (rather than in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone).

In July 2016, the Minister advised that he had decided not to approve C118 and had referred Amendment C123 to the Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee to:

  • Give submitters an opportunity to be heard by an independent body in an informal, non-judicial manner.
  • Give independent advice to the Minister for Planning as outlined in the Terms of Reference.

The Committee completed its hearings in November 2016.  Tony Browne of JAAG made a submission and presentation to the Committee supporting the adoption of the proposals even though they are not ideal and somewhat watered down in terms of neighbourhood protection.

In December 2017, the Minister approved Amendment C123 generally in line with the zones as proposed and adopted by Council.



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