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54-60 St Kilda Road (former Flying Doctors cnr Charnwood Rd)

IMG_6050Has a permit for a 7 storey residential development granted by VCAT on 14 August 2017.  Permit for residential development expires on 17 August 2021.

December, 2019 – a new Planning application is at advertising for construction of a seven storey office building with ground level retail premises and a reduction of the car parking requirements so that only 89 car spaces are provided (which includes 8 car share spaces and 9 tandem) where there is a requirement of 203 spaces, therefore a shortfall of 114 car spaces i.e. 56 % .  Public advertising closes 21 January 2020.

JAAG members have been informed and if they wished to object a proforma letter was included with the information.

Lighting to St Michael’s Sports Oval

February, 2019 – Planning application lodged with Council by St Michael’s school for lighting to its oval. This matter will go to a full Council meeting for decision due to the number of objections lodged. Council is currently waiting on further information from the school.

22 Wellington St, St Kilda

A Planning Application no. 94/2019 was granted on 25 October 2019 for conversion of existing 2 storey heritage commercial building to a Residential Hotel of 8 suites Lobby/Lounge area with an additional communal kitchen and small dining area housed in 2 stacked ‘shipping’ containers at the rear of the property with 5 car spaces on-site and an outdoor deck at the rear. Following conditions apply:


Click on the link to read about other planning matters in the JAAG precinct 


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