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Planning application for 10 Storey Hotel at 24-26 & 28 Chapel Street Windsor and the airspace above the railway – refused by Stonnington but now with VCAT.

24 Chapel St

The proposal is for a 10 storey, 111 bed residential hotel on the site.  Stonnington Council received over 100 objections and the proposal was refused in December 2020.

The matter is now with VCAT.  The hearing will take place in July 2021 ( 5-9 and 12 July) 2021.



You may remember that SMA Projects were knocked back at VCAT in 2017 with a proposal for a multi storey residential building on this site.


St Kilda Junction Substation

Pedestrian lights at the substation completed July 2020.

Summary of the development of the substation and JAAG’s involvement.



46-52 ST KILDA ROAD, ST KILDA (corner of Octavia Street)

An application to review the planning permit is at VCAT with Compulsory Conference on 18 March 2021 and Major Case Hearing will be held on 24 and 25 May 2021. 

PLANNING APPLICATION approved August 2020

Go to: www.portphillip.vic.gov.au Application number is 358/2019

Construction of an 8 level building (plus roof plant) i.e. 9 levels comprising 26 dwellings, 234m2 of commercial floor space at ground level and 44 basement car spaces using 3 level stackers (reduction in car parking for the commercial space). In excess of 18 objections were received.

July 2020  Informed by City of Port Phillip officer managing this case that the applicant has lodged a revised plan for a level building of 21.6m which meets the Design and Distribution Obligations (DDO), that they will meet all parking requirements and include an on-site loading area.

26/08/2020 Council’s planning meeting approved an amended permit subject to:

  1. A 7 storey primarily residential building (down from 8 storeys)
  2. Double the setback of the building from the nearest sensitive use (4.5m to 9m).    (This meets the requirements of the DDO).
  3. A loading bay.

The building is to comprise 3 x one-bedroom dwellings, 7 x two-bedroom dwellings and 11 x three-bedroom dwellings requiring at least 32 residential car spaces. With the reduction of one storey off the building the reduction in dwelling numbers would enable residential parking to be maintained at the required rates, with spare parking spaces to be converted to an on-site loading bay.

54-60 St Kilda Road (former Flying Doctors cnr Charnwood Rd)

IMG_6050June 2020 – Following a number of objections and a conciliation meeting held in February 2020, Council has resolved to grant a permit for construction of a 7 storey building with ground level retail and office use above and a reduction of the car parking requirements  (so that only 89 car spaces are provided which includes 8 car share spaces and 9 tandem where there is a requirement of 203 spaces, therefore a shortfall of 114 car spaces).  It’s less than the planning scheme but with their share cars JAAG consider this to a a reasonable outcome for this location.

The plans are subject to a number of other conditions including: separation of at least 9m to the neighbouring building at 4 Charnwood Rd; vertical corners of the building facing St Kilda Rd to be a lighter colour; a loading bay measuring at least 4.2m x 7.6m.

A permit for a 7 storey residential development was granted by VCAT on 14 August 2017 which expires on 17 August 2021.

A number of complaints about the condition of this site have been referred to Council.

Lighting to St Michael’s Sports Oval

February, 2019 – Planning application lodged with Council by St Michael’s school for lighting to its oval. This application has now been withdrawn.


8PuntRd28-12 Punt Road – VCAT decision.

On 21 February, 2020 a decision was handed down by the VCAT Members in an Order to allow the application for amendments to the existing permit subject to a number of new permit conditions.  This is the third amendment to the original planning permit issued by VCAT and includes more 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and reduced on-site car parking.

The planning permit is for two residential towers,  one of 26 storeys and the other 10 storeys.  There will be a total of 256 apartments with 189 car spaces and 262 bicycles spaces located within 4 basement levels, and a statutory parking waiver for 110 vehicles on-site.  This includes 5 car share spaces on-site and 2 of these car share spaces to be available to persons other than residents of the development.  There will also be a small area of commercial space on the ground floor.  There is also approval for a 3 storey exterior digital advertising sign to three façade’s of the building i.e. Nelson St, Punt Rd & Wellington St.  Further details on the history of this proposed development can be found here.

Go to Council’s website to see the plans.

22 Wellington St, St Kilda

A Planning Application no. 94/2019 was granted on 25 October 2019 for conversion of existing 2 storey heritage commercial building to a Residential Hotel of 8 suites Lobby/Lounge area with an additional communal kitchen and small dining area housed in 2 stacked ‘shipping’ containers at the rear of the property with 5 car spaces on-site and an outdoor deck at the rear. Following conditions apply:

Change in use of 72 Wellington Street, St Kilda

72 Wellington St 2015In 2019, 72 Wellington Street was registered as a rooming house.  At the same time there has been an increase in complaints about noise and loss of amenity and in the number of syringes found in the surrounding streets and laneways.  Local police are in regular attendance.

What can you do?   If you have a complaint about noise or have found a syringe contact Port Phillip Council ASSIST on 9209 6777 or email to  Assist@portphillip.vic.gov.au with details about the time and place – location is especially important for syringe collection and disposal.  If you have been subject to, or witness, anti-social behaviour call Police on 000 so that the call can be logged and responded to appropriately.

Click on the link to read about other planning matters in the JAAG precinct 


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