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Margaret Fitzherbert, State Member for Southern Metropolitan Region, added her voice to the discussion on the the St Kilda Junction development and the proposed substation, in Parliament on 10th May.  Ms Fitzherbert stated that Locals have concerns for safety and loss of amenity, and they believe that the structure will be a big, fat graffiti target.” Click link to read full transcript  St Kilda Junction development 

Sub Station

A big thank you to all JAAG members and other concerned St Kilda residents who attended the community information session on Thursday, 4th of May at the St Kilda Sports Club. Around 50 people (including Councillor Brand) were there to express their concerns with respect to the PTV power substation to be constructed in the middle of St Kilda Junction. Whilst residents understand the need for continued investment in the tram infrastructure, there was anger at the choice of location and lack of community consultation.  

Attendees at the meeting refused to give feedback on the architectural treatment options for the proposed “eyesore” at the end of Melbourne’s longest and grandest major thoroughfare, and instead demanded a further meeting with PTV and representation from Vic Roads. Several alternative options were put forward to overcome the issue.  JAAG also made it clear that PTV has not acknowledged an eventual Master plan for St Kilda Junction or any sense of orderly planning for the Junction.

Residents attending the meeting clearly do not want –  an industrial building roughly the size of three double garages (nearly 100m square) which is devoid of aesthetic features and threatens pedestrian and cycling safety at its currently proposed location as well as encourage anti-social issues.


Seven kilometres down Nepean Highway from St Kilda Junction, at the intersection with Hawthorn Road in East Brighton, Public Transport Victoria constructed the above substation with a clear “great design “ promise to the local community, which is now into a third ”fraught” rebuild after community opposition.

Sign our petition http://bit.ly/2pgsz0k and watch this space for information on further community consultation.



The Minister for Planning has introduced interim height and overshadowing controls, by exempting himself from the requirements of sections 17, 18 and 19 of the Planning and Environment Act and the regulations, by Amendment C145 to the Port Phillip Planning Scheme. Gazettal took place on the 6th April, 2017. Check the Council’s website for updates.


  1. The City of Port Phillip adopted the St Kilda Road South Precinct Urban Design and Land Use Framework in November 2015. The Framework was developed to provide a strategic basis for comprehensive revised planning policy and controls that respond to the changing development context of the precinct and to guide future development.
  2. The Minister authorised Amendment C122 in May 2016 to implement the St Kilda Road South Precinct Urban Design and Land Use Framework. Amendment C122 proposes to introduce built form and heritage controls on a permanent basis to the St Kilda Road South Precinct.
  3. Amendment C122 was exhibited from 8 August 2016 to 12 September 2016. A panel hearing was held in March 2017 and on the 28th April, 2017. The Panel’s report is expected to be provided to Council by 9 June 2017. Council will then make the Panel report public within 28 business days of receipt (20 July 2017, assuming it is received by 9 June 2017).

While Amendment C122 progresses, Amendment C145 proposes to insert Schedule 27 to Clause 43.02 – Design and Development Overlay (DDO27) to introduce discretionary and mandatory overshadowing and building height controls on an interim basis.

The interim controls follow the permanent height and overshadowing controls proposed by the City of Port Phillip in Amendment C122. The height controls include, for example, mandatory height controls for Wellington Street North, ranging from 10 storeys at the western end to 4 storeys at the eastern end. The overshadowing controls include a requirement that new development in Wellington Street North east of No. 17 not overshadow the southern kerbline of Wellington Street [between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. at 21 September].

The controls introduced by Amendment C145 will apply to ensure that new development considers the amenity of the area and protects key aspects of the public realm.

The controls are designed to protect the position while the separate amendment process is undertaken in relation to permanent controls i.e. to prevent inappropriate development taking place while permanent controls are formulated.

To read about the next steps for the framework  click here



Just waiting for completion of planting.



Reminder: There has been a crime surge in recent months. If you see anyone acting in a suspicious way however minor or had something stolen, please speak up and call 000 and ask for a Police squad car to investigate the incident. Also use the Contact Us tab above to let us know of the incident so that we can assist local police in compiling crime statistics in our area.




The previous State government introduced the residential zones scheme under which Councils could provide greater certainty about the types of development that can be expected in residential areas by dividing areas categorised as residential into different zones.The greatest restrictions on developments are in Neighbourhood Residential Zones (NRZ), with an 8 metre height limit and limits on the number of dwellings which can be built on a lot.

Port Phillip Council commenced work on the zones in February 2014. Under its initial proposal, and with JAAG’s support, most of the JAAG area east of St Kilda Road was to be zoned NRZ. There have however been substantial delays in implementing the proposals largely due to the intervention of some developers and council-wide pressure groups and a less than cooperative attitude on the part of the current Planning Minister. In the process the proposals have been somewhat “watered down” in terms of neighbourhood protection. One result of the delay is that Port Philip has no zoning in place, whereas substantial areas in adjoining municipalities such as Stonnuington and Glen Eira are zoned NRZ.

In July 2016 Council’s latest proposals were finally referred by the Minister to the Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee which has just completed its hearings on 7th and 8th November 2016. Tony Browne of JAAG Committee made a submission and presentation to the Committee, supporting the urgent adoption of the proposals, even though they are not ideal. The Committee must make its recommendations to the Minister within 20 business days. The Minister will then decide whether to accept the recommendations.



Follow this link for useful council and other local contact details 


St Kilda Junction Area | Aerial Photography | 8 May 2012WELCOME to jaagstkilda.com an interactive website for those who live and work in the St Kilda Junction area and share our concern for the unique lifestyle we all enjoy. If you are already a member, welcome back and thank you for your continued support. If you are visiting us for the first time, we’re delighted to welcome you. This website platform supports our various projects and actions being tackled and to keep you and over 280 JAAG members and the wider St Kilda community up to date. You can use the “Contact Us” tab on this page to communicate directly with the JAAG Steering Committee.  We’d like to hear your comments about this website or any other issues you believe we should be aware of. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we hope you’ll be encouraged to register your support for the work we do by clicking on the “Membership” tab to complete an online registration form. Since our motto is “Strength in Numbers” your support will be very important to ensure our voice continues to be heard as one of influence. _______________________________________________________________________

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