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Concerned about safety in our precinct or about levels of local policing?  Victoria Police are looking for your feedback via a survey which will inform their Neighbourhood Policing Framework.  Respondents will remain anonymous. Victoria Police will use your responses to tailor how they work with the community in the future.  Your input will inform local action plans and influence organisational priorities.

This is a great opportunity to provide feedback which may assist our community in action against crime and crime prevention in our precinct in the future.  Consultation is open until 30 April 2022 – so get in quick by completing the survey via the following link


A summary of all responses will be provided on Engage Victoria.  The current timeline for reporting back is June 2022.


St Kilda Junction Infrastructure Works – update April 2022

St Kilda Junction accessibility upgrades are planned to start Wednesday 27th April weather permitting.

St Kilda Junction Wdie angle 27-1-21

These works, which have been on hold for 12  months or more, aim to:


St Kilda Junction Pedestrian Underpass and Bridge

New murals for the Junction

CoPP partnered with Department of Transport, VicRoads and Yarra Trams to engage 71 Melbourne artists to complete murals across the St Kilda Junction area from 20 – 23 November 2021. 

Click on the link to see the video of the mural’s creation  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVnqYihba4w

St Kilda Junction has been one of the city’s most notorious graffiti hotspots and has long been an area of immense concern to the local community, who in its previous state have considered the precinct extremely uninviting and unsafe. The perception of safety in this area is extremely poor and concerning.  Evidence suggests that street art and murals are an excellent way to mitigate illegal graffiti.   

Recent history at the site has seen the original artwork “bombed” and the series of tunnels being defaced with ongoing tagging, affecting both tunnel walls, directional signage and recessed lighting. As a result, the location was uninviting, poorly lit and suffered from negative perceptions of safety. 

Council completed resurfacing works to the footpath in early July 2021. It has made a remarkable difference to the safety aspect for pedestrians using this underpass as the new surface has eliminated the trip hazards.

Lighting – Department of Transport has approved the plan for the upgrade of lighting to the underpass.

JAAG continues to liaise with Council and others regarding ongoing maintenance to the underpass.


Albert Park News

Pavillion update

Albert Park Pavilion Community Newsletter March 2022

Works have commenced on the new regional scale sporting pavilion at Oval One in Albert Park delivered by Parks Victoria in partnership with Sport and Recreation Victoria.  The new pavilion will provide greater access for local sporting codes and the community to enjoy.  It will help meet the growing demand and changing needs of the local community including increased female sport participation. The building will also be accessible for local groups, such as St Kilda Park Primary School.

Please visit https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/projects/melbourne-region/albert-park-pavilion-at-oval-one for more information.



Want to get out into the fresh air and make a difference to your precinct? There is a focus on the southern end of Albert Park, park entrances and Lakeside drive partnering with volunteers and corporates.  Go to JAAG’s Community News page for all the details on how to get involved and check the Parks Victoria website for the latest COVID restrictions.

JAAG continues to meet with Parks Victoria to discuss the implementation plans for the south-east area of Albert Park Reserve at the Fitzroy Street interface.

The Albert Park Masterplan, the 25 year vision for Albert Park, was released by Parks Victoria (June 2019). The Master Plan will guide improvements to Albert Park over the next 25 years, “ensuring it meets the diverse and changing needs of visitors, while enhancing the health and wellbeing of visitors to the park”.  For more information follow the link to the post on this website ALBERT PARK MASTER PLAN

You can also view the master plan by following the link to the Parks Victoria website  Albert Park Master Plan


Queens Way Retaining Walls

Queensway snap

The Department of Transport (DoT) has undertaken planting works on the outbound terrace.  The graffiti removal program is ongoing. DoT continue to progress planning to seek funding for medium and long-term finishing treatments to mitigate graffiti into the future. JAAG continues to be in discussion with DoT concerning the treatment of the retaining walls. Sam Hibbins, Member for Prahran, raised some of the issues with the Minister at the latest budget estimates hearings. Sam has stated that he will keep up the pressure and ensure the community’s concerns are heard. See the questions and responses here (Please note that the transcript states that David Limbrick asked the question, but this is an error).

DoT’s community updates are provided below for more details:

Queens Way Community Update_May 2021

Community Update Queens Way Retaining Walls Feb

 Community Update Repair of Retaining Walls Queens Way 


Crime Surge

Police have asked for residents to call 000 for urgent Police matters in our community and not to call the local police station (unless you are specifically in contact with a representative).  000 calls are all logged and provide police with statistics which enables them to allocate resources where required on an on-going basis.  However, the Police have now created a separate number for non urgent calls.  You can call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444 (or go online) to report property related crime such as theft or property damage or to make general police enquiries. You should call Triple Zero (000) if the incident is life-threatening, needs immediate police attendance, a crime is happening now or an offender is (or may be) still in the area.



St Kilda Junction Masterplan

IMG_3024St Kilda Junction is one of the most complex convergence of roads in Port Phillip (Queens Road, St Kilda Road, Punt Road, Fitzroy Street and Barkly Street). It serves as a gateway to Fitzroy Street, St Kilda Beach and the foreshore, and remains a key intersection for vehicular, bicycle, walking and public transport movements.  The last five years has seen increased high scale residential development south of St Kilda Junction ranging from 8 to 26 storeys. The increased growth has impacted on the local amenity and changes are required to protect and enhance the liveability of new residents.

JAAG has been working with CoPP Council  since 2017 to bring about important safety changes needed for St Kilda Junction.  Council and JAAG  still continue to advocate to State government to bring about necessary changes to this infrastructure to prevent more deaths and injuries occurring to cyclists and pedestrians as well as vehicle collisions.

To read more about JAAG’s involvement in the development of a masterplan see Recent Posts on the right hand side of this web page.

Detailed timeline of the St Kilda Junction Masterplan.

To read about the St Kilda Junction Substation go to the Planning Page.


St Kilda Road Bike Lanes

bike lanes

JAAG continues to liaise with the relevant parties, in particular regarding the links with the St Kilda Junction Master Plan project. In September 2021 JAAG sent a submission to Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) to assist with their business case submission.  You can find more information about the proposed changes at the Major Road Projects Victoria website https://roadprojects.vic.gov.au/projects/st-kilda-road-bike-lanes

Click on the link for the October 2020 media release on safer cycling and more bike routes Media release 7-10-20 Safer Cycling And More Routes To Keep Melbourne Moving

A Council contribution of $280,000  to the development of temporary central safety improvements for bike riders along St Kilda Road from St Kilda Junction toward the CBD was approved at the Council budget meeting in August 2020, subject to State government funding the balance.  In 2019 the State Government announced changes to St Kilda Road bike lanes.  There will be a combination of central safety zone bike lanes and Copenhagen-style kerbside bike lanes, but there was no detail about where along the route the different treatments will be applied and how the transition through St Kilda Junction will be managed.




Follow this link for useful council and other local contact details 


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