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Reporting Crime

Police have asked for residents to call 000 for all Police related matters in our community and not to call the local police station (unless you are specifically in contact with a representative).  000 calls are all logged and provide police with statistics which enables them to allocate resources where required on an on-going basis.  Note:  The police will need to prioritise your calls depending on danger to people etc.


Finally the Victorian State election results are in!

Our congratulations go to:

The Honourable Martin Foley (sitting member)  re-won the Albert Park seat for Labor, and the Honourable Sam Hibbins (sitting member)  re-won the  Prahran seat for the Greens.

We look forward to working closely with both members in the coming years, especially on the St Kilda Junction Master Plan – see below for Labor’s commitment to a study.


Chipton Park Update (formerly known as Crimea Reserve) – 13 November 2018.


JAAG Chipton Park final designGood News! The design of Chipton Park has been amended to incorporate previous feedback received by JAAG and the wider community.  The design now includes several key changes from the concept design, including:

There will also be an automatic irrigation system included as part of the upgrade.

Community consultation now closed  https://haveyoursay.portphillip.vic.gov.au/



Fig_1_contextJAAG is happy to advise that the Minister for Planning has finally approved Amendment C122, which implements the St Kilda Road South Urban Design and Land Use Framework through applying permanent controls for the St Kilda Road South Precinct.  Amendment C122 came into effect when notice of the approval was published in the Victoria Government Gazette, on Thursday 18 October 2018.

See Council website for details of the new guidelines
Or click on this link to read a summary of the new guidelines Amendment C122

It has been a long process to reach this important stage in strategic planning for the St Kilda Road South Precinct.  To read about the development of The Framework and the interim controls click here.


St Kilda Junction needs a Masterplan and it would seem that the two major political parties agree


We now have commitments from both the Labor  & Liberal Parties as to in the case of the Labor Party a ‘Study’, and in the case of the Liberal Party a ‘Master Planning Process’ for St Kilda Junction.   Details in the attached Press Release and letter.


JAAG StK Junction Labor 30-10-18

JAAG STK Junction Libs 24-10-18

St Kilda Junction is one of the most complex convergence of roads in Port Phillip (Queens Road, St Kilda Road, Punt Road, Fitzroy Street and Barkly Street). It serves as a gateway to Fitzroy Street, St Kilda Beach and the foreshore, and remains a key intersection for vehicular, bicycle, walking and public transport movements.  The last five years has seen increased high scale residential development south of St Kilda Junction ranging from 8 to 26 storeys. The increased growth has impacted on the local amenity and changes are required to protect and enhance the liveability of new residents.

To read more about JAAG’s involvement in the development of a masterplan see Recent Posts on the right hand side of this web page.


St Kilda Junction PTV Substation – update October 2018.

The final design for the exterior covering of the PTV substation at St Kilda Junction is very disappointing in terms of what is to be delivered compared to the original concept agreed (see picture below).  JAAG will continue to work with relevant parties in an attempt to achieve a better outcome for the community.

St Kilda Junction Substation - Architectural Options

The ‘Future Forest’ concept design was chosen by the community over the ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Timeline’ options proposed.  Much of the feedback indicated people liked that the ‘Future Forest’ option blended in to the local area and with other vegetation and provided the best outcome in preventing grafitti.

PTV anticipate that works on the substation exterior will commence DECEMBER 2018.  Below is the link to Transport Vic’s project page on the St Kilda Junction substation site.





Follow this link for useful council and other local contact details 


St Kilda Junction Area | Aerial Photography | 8 May 2012WELCOME to jaagstkilda.com an interactive website for those who live and work in the St Kilda Junction area and share our concern for the unique lifestyle we all enjoy. If you are already a member, welcome back and thank you for your continued support. If you are visiting us for the first time, we’re delighted to welcome you. This website platform supports our various projects and actions being tackled and to keep you and over 300 JAAG members and the wider St Kilda community up to date. You can use the “Contact Us” tab on this page to communicate directly with the JAAG Steering Committee.  We’d like to hear your comments about this website or any other issues you believe we should be aware of. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we hope you’ll be encouraged to register your support for the work we do by clicking on the “Membership” tab to complete an online registration form. Since our motto is “Strength in Numbers” your support will be very important to ensure our voice continues to be heard as one of influence. _______________________________________________________________________

JAAG StKilda’s logo was  kindly produced by Debra Yung Design of St Kilda  (Mob 0412 134 858). Our  website has been built with a lot of voluntary assistance from Kaye O’Connor and Jo Livermore, assistance with the web site set-up by Smartenergy Groups P/L with content by Mike Sabey. ___________________________________________________________________________

NOTE: Copyright  © 2012 JAAG St Kilda; permission to copy is given provided this copyright notice is reproduced in full Postal Address: JAAG StKilda, Unit 3, 53 Wellington St St Kilda, Victoria, Australia 3182 Email: msabey@bikepaths.com.au JAAG StKilda has used its best efforts to ensure that the news and information on this site was correct at the time of publication, and it takes no responsibility for any error, omission or defect that might cause any subsequent loss or damage. _________________________________________________________________________________



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