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Reporting Crime

Police have asked for us to please call 000 for all Police related matters in our community and not to call the local police directly (unless you are specifically in contact with a representative).  000 calls are all logged and provide police with statistics which enables them to allocate resources where required on an on-going basis.  Note:  The police will need to prioritise your calls depending on danger to people etc.


Upgrade to Chipton Park Update (formerly known as Crimea Reserve) 10 June 2018.

Park upgrade

Feedback from the second stage of community consultation for Chipton Park, in Crimea Street, has been collated by Council identifying key themes from the significant feedback received.  Council’s landscape architect is currently updating the concept design incorporating the feedback. It is anticipated that the final concept design, incorporating the feedback, will be released to the community by the end of June 2018.
The detailed design, procurement and construction of the park will occur in 2018/19. Once the final concept design is completed, Council will be in a position to determine accurate timelines for the works and be able to convey them to the community.

The JAAG committee encourages residents to keep asking Council to deliver a park that meets our needs and contributes positively to the streetscape.  In the meantime can you contact Anita Johnstone at Open Spaces who is coordinating the upgrade to get answers to your queries.  Anita.Johnstone@portphillip.vic.gov.au  or http://haveyoursay.portphillip.vic.gov.au.

St Kilda Junction PTV Substation

72% of respondents to the design survey preferred Option 1 – ‘Future Forest’.  The ‘Lighthouse’ and ‘Timeline’ options received 13% and 15% respectively.  Much of the feedback indicated people liked that the preferred option (pictured below) blended in to the local area and with other vegetation and provided the best outcome in preventing grafitti.

St Kilda Junction Substation - Architectural Options

The next stage is to tender the detail design and implementation of the final concept design choice. PTV anticipate that the substation including the exterior detail will be completed and landscaped by DECEMBER 2018.  Below is the link to Transport Vic’s updated project page on the St Kilda Junction substation site.




Interim controls have been approved and were gazetted on 20 December, 2017.

Council unanimously adopted the report and recommendations of the independent Planning Panel at its meeting on Tuesday 19 September 2017, with respect to Amendment C122 to the Port Phillip Planning Scheme with changes as per recommendation (option 2) of the Council Officers report to Council with 3 additions suggested by Cr Copsey predominantly re the west side.  Details of the changes made at the adoption stage of Amendment C122 are outlined in the report and attachments presented at the Ordinary Council Meeting on 19 September 2017, available at http://www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/september-2017-meetingsagendas.htm.

The adopted Planning Scheme ordinances, maps, incorporated documents and reference documents are available on Council’s Amendment C122 website at http://www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/Amendment-c122.htm.

JAAG received acknowledgment for its contribution to this Framework. The Framework is not perfect, but at least it is better than none at all. Only one more step in the process now with the final decision by the Minister!  Thank you all for your support and contribution to this important piece of strategic planning for St Kilda Rd South. Click link below for the Panel Report on the Port Phillip Planning Scheme Amendment C122 St Kilda Road South Precinct released by Council in July 2017.


To read about the development of The Framework and the interim controls click here.




Follow this link for useful council and other local contact details 


St Kilda Junction Area | Aerial Photography | 8 May 2012WELCOME to jaagstkilda.com an interactive website for those who live and work in the St Kilda Junction area and share our concern for the unique lifestyle we all enjoy. If you are already a member, welcome back and thank you for your continued support. If you are visiting us for the first time, we’re delighted to welcome you. This website platform supports our various projects and actions being tackled and to keep you and over 300 JAAG members and the wider St Kilda community up to date. You can use the “Contact Us” tab on this page to communicate directly with the JAAG Steering Committee.  We’d like to hear your comments about this website or any other issues you believe we should be aware of. MOST IMPORTANTLY, we hope you’ll be encouraged to register your support for the work we do by clicking on the “Membership” tab to complete an online registration form. Since our motto is “Strength in Numbers” your support will be very important to ensure our voice continues to be heard as one of influence. _______________________________________________________________________

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