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Two sites on west side of St Kilda Road South close to Charles Street – too far away, 500m limit to distance from Junction.

In the “dip” at the junction of tram routes at Stop 30 –Yarra Trams won’t accept use of tram lines for service vehicle access.

Bridging the inbound trench of Queensway parallel to the tram line – as above and potential structural issues.

On the landscaped triangle of land between St Kilda and Punt Roads next to the 7-Eleven service station – Land is owned and reserved by VicRoads and is not available. It is also above a very large water main.

In Albert Park between Queens Road and the Junction Oval scoreboard – ParksVic will not accept any public infrastructure within the park on principle.

Built into the earth bank beside the scoreboard – ditto.

On private land adjacent to the former Cadbury Schweppes building at 636 St.Kilda Road – the owners will not approve the construction of a substation on their land.


The PTV process to date has lacked transparency.  Below is a summary:

If the current PTV plans proceed this bulky industrial substation structure is likely to produce a poor urban design and architectural outcome and would obstruct future potential urban design opportunities, which are very much needed for this important gateway to St Kilda and St Kilda Road Boulevard to the CBD.

JAAG has sought support from our State Government Member, Minister Foley, to request that the current proposed Public Transport Victoria (PTV) substation proposed for the landscaped public space at the St Kilda Road South edge to the Junction be reconsidered,  with an alternative St Kilda Junction site found,  as it appears that PTV are currently not taking into account any form of orderly sense of planning and an eventual Master plan for St Kilda Junction.

Of note is that there has been a deafening wall of silence from the Minister for Transport, the CEOs of PTV and Yarra Trams all of whom were provided on the 9th May, 2017 with a petition signed by 147 residents to request PTV and Yarra Trams consider another appropriate location where the Urban Design Framework is not crippled by a further limiting factor.

Margaret Fitzherbert, State Member for Southern Metropolitan Region, added her voice to the discussion on the the St Kilda Junction development and the proposed substation, in Parliament on 10th May.  Ms Fitzherbert stated that “Locals have concerns for safety and loss of amenity, and they believe that the structure will be a big, fat graffiti target.” Click link to read full transcript St Kilda Junction development 

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