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St Kilda Junction Masterplan Timeline 2017 – now

March, 2017 – JAAG approached the Lake Ward Councillors of Port Phillip Council (CoPP) to raise with them its concerns re safety issues currently at St Kilda Junction as well as the lack of co-ordinated planning of State government projects/works in and around this Junction. JAAG requested Council initiate a discussion with all relevant State government stakeholders that leads to co-ordination of these stakeholders to an urban design framework and design theme that produces a positive, minimally disruptive and timely unifying overlay on existing conditions and a masterplan for future change.

9 June 2017 – A meeting was held by CoPPCouncil Officers with all State Government Agency Stakeholders.  This was a preliminary meeting to gage the interest of State Government Agency Stakeholders in working together to sharing information in respect of interests in St Kilda Junction.  

21 December 2017 – At Council’s meeting it passed a resolution that the St Kilda Junction Masterplan & St Kilda Road safety improvement project (bike paths) are 2 out of 11 top priorities for Council to advocate with State Government during this ‘election’ year with implement over the next five years.

June, 2018 – As a result of JAAG’s submissions and meetings with the CoPP, a budget allocation of $500,000 was approved to: 

·      In the 18-19FY data collection, and analysis, concept design development and community and stakeholder engagement (Budget $70K).

·      In the 19-20FY completing design documentation, securing approvals e.g. VicRoads as required and then complete tender and construction (Proposed budget $430K). 

Given Council’s limited control over much of this area, devising a master plan, changes to the road configuration, public transport services and substations fall outside of this project.

2 June 2018 – The Metropolitan Partnerships Draft Priority identified Transport for Victoria as the lead body in the ”development and delivery of a Master Plan for St Kilda Junction” and ”The St Kilda Road Safety Improvement Project”, the latter focusing on cycling safety.

30 October 2018 – A press release by Jacinta Allen, Minister for Public Transport and Major Projects, identified the Junction as “the first of three studies into city gateways supported by the Inner Metropolitan Partnership between the cities of Port Phillip, Melbourne and Yarra”.  Transport for Victoria agreed to progress a Movement and Place study for the precinct around and including St Kilda Junction. This study was identified as a priority outcome as part of the Inner Metro Metropolitan Partnerships being led by DELWP Office of Suburban Development. Transport for Victoria led the development of the strategy in a collaborative partnership with state and local stakeholders.

23 May 2019 – As part of the budgeted amount Council’s Consultant, Mckenzie Group, completed the St Kilda Junction Accessibility Audit and Public Life Study. This went to DoT to inform the work its consultant was preparing of a Movement & Place Study for the Junction. 

24 May 2019 – State Government released a press announcement: 


The press release states that there will be a combination of central safety zone bike lanes and Copenhagen-style kerbside bike lanes but does not go into detail about where along the route the different treatments will be applied. JAAG informed by CoPP Council it did not know what the plans are for the transition through St Kilda Junction from the north of St Kilda Road central safety zone bike lanes to Copenhagen-style kerbside bike lanes to the south.  Council has not seen any resolution for how the lanes will successfully navigate the Junction. This remains an important point for Council.

August, 2019 – DoT, with the work of its consultant, Arup, completed its Movement & Place Study.

10 September 2019 – JAAG wrote to Minister for Public Transport, Melissa Horne, to request a masterplan for St Kilda in response to the DoT St Kilda Junction movement and place study; as it informs a set of strategic directions and principles for the future movement and place functions for St Kilda Junction.  Specifically, JAAG asked for a response from the Minister in relation to:

No response by Minister Horne has been received despite a further request from JAAG in December, 2019.

18 March 2020 – A young female cyclist killed at St Kilda Junction.

The CoPP Mayor wrote to Minister Jaala Pulford at the end of March, seeking interim safety enhancements for people bike riding through St Kilda Junction and the fast-tracking of the St Kilda Road Safety Improvement Project. Since the initial meeting in June, 2017 with representatives of all relevant stakeholder State government agencies Council’s advocacy priority has been for the State Government, as controllers of the land, to lead the development of a masterplan and this responsibility currently is with the Department of Transport (DoT). 

28 May 2020 – CoPP Council officers met with DoT to discuss Strategic Transport Priorities. At this meeting they were to discuss the points JAAG raised, in particular the following:

DoT representatives shared their view that Council is best placed to be the conduit from community into State Government. 

30 June 2020 – St Kilda Road and the St Kilda Junction are under the ownership and management of the Department of Transport. Council is seeking the Victorian Government progress the St Kilda Road Bike Lanes project through various channels. A key aspect of this includes seeking interim measures are rapidly installed to improve the safety of bike riders in response to death of young woman riding her bike through the Junction.  Council has increased its advocacy efforts more recently by requesting the St Kilda Road central bike lanes project be fast-track as part of the COVID-19 economic response, to alleviate tram capacity constraints along the St Kilda Road corridor and improve overall safety for people of all ages and abilities looking to travel by bike.

July, 2020 – A meeting with Minister Jacinta Allan, Minister for Transport Infrastructure and CoPP Mayor to progress Council’s requests did not take due to ‘technical’ difficulties.  CoPP Council removed the 2018 budgeted amount of $470K for completing design documentation, securing approvals etc.  It informed JAAG that it is difficult for Council to deliver given that they do not own the assets and currently don’t have Victorian Government buy-in.    

03 August 2020 – JAAG wrote to Minister Carroll, new Minister for Public Transport & Minister for Roads and Road Safety, to request a response as to: 

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