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The Victorian Pride Centre November 24, 2017

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Pride Centre – Fitzroy Street






The Victorian Pride Centre (VPC) will be the new home of Victoria’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex communities, housing up to ten major resident organisations, while also providing flexible and multi-use spaces.

The Pride Centre Board, Chaired by Jude Munro AO, conducted a competition and final tender process with 4 prominent architectural firms for the design of the building judged by an independent jury with its Chair of Dimiti Reed including the State Government Architect amongst others.

The announcement of the final design and winning architect(s), St Kilda based Grant Amon & Brearly Architects, was made on the 29/01/2018. It is expected that the Pride Centre will be completed by 2020.

For more details go to the pride centre website www.pridecentre.org.au



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The Albert Park Masterplan, the 25 year vision for Albert Park, is in its final stages with recent sign-off by the Board of Parks Victoria. Once the Minister has also signed off it will be released – scheduled for late May 2019. All stakeholders and the general public will be notified proper to the formal release.


Stage 3: Community feedback on the DRAFT MASTER PLAN closed 19 January 2018.

There was a strong response and Parks Victoria are now collating and analysing the feedback. A report summarising the feedback stage will be posted on their website in the coming months.  The feedback on the draft plan will be used to finalise the Albert Park Master Plan, which they hope to release later in 2018.  For further information: call 13 1963 or visit their website at www.albertparkmasterplan.com.au

It has been 20 years since any comprehensive planning occurred for Albert Park as a whole and Melbourne has changed markedly in that time.  A master plan is needed to set a 20 year vision for the park and guide it through the next stage of its history. The goals of the project are to create a park that is:

  • Inspiring and exciting, as well as peaceful and relaxing;
  • Treasured by the local communities and the community of Melbourne;
  • Relevant to a growing and changing population;
  • Generating revenue for the improvement of the park;
  • Working towards sustainability in terms of natural resource use, and
  • Able to respond to increasing and changing community pressures

St Kilda Road South Land Use and Urban Design Framework – next steps October 8, 2016

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St Kilda Road South Land Use and Urban Design Framework – Amendment C122 public exhibition closed 12 September 2016

3StK Road

Public exhibition of Amendment C122 which gives statutory effect to the St Kilda Road Urban Design and Land Use Framework, is complete. Planning Scheme Amendment C122 implements the land use and built form directions set out in the St Kilda Road South Urban Design and Land Use Framework (November 2015) through new and updated planning controls to guide decision making for future development applications. The next process is the Directions and Panel Hearings. In accordance with clause 4(2) of the Ministerial Direction to Council No 15 the hearing dates set for Amendment C122 are:

  • Directions Hearing: week of 27 February 2017
  • Panel Hearing: Week of 20 March 2017

The Planning Minister has been requested to put interim controls in place via Amendment C121 – you can add your name to the petition by following this link  https://www.change.org/p/city-of-port-philip-revitalise-st-kilda?recruiter=593171687&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive

Specifically the amendment:

  • Rezones specified properties from a Commercial 1 Zone to a Mixed Use Zone to facilitate a transition to residential / mixed use.
  • Updates local policy within Clause 21 (Municipal Strategic Statement) to reflect the strategic directions for the St Kilda Road South Precinct and guide changes in land use.
  • Introduces a new schedule to the Design and Development Overlay (Schedule 27) to establish design objectives and requirements to manage the scale and form of new development, including maximum building heights and street-wall requirements.
  • Applies new individual Heritage Overlays to selected properties in Wellington Street, and makes related changes to the Port Phillip Heritage Review.
  • Applies new schedules to the General Residential Zone in Wellington and Carlisle Streets and rezones part of Wellington Street from the General Residential Zone to a Neighbourhood Residential Zone.

Go to Council’s website  Amendment C122 webpage to find out about the amendment or click here to read more about the Framework and its development.

New Residential Zones October 8, 2016

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Port Phillip Council was the ONLY Council which had not had rezones approved. The process took 3 years.



The previous State government introduced the residential zones scheme under which Councils could provide greater certainty about the types of development that can be expected in residential areas by dividing areas categorised as residential into different zones. The greatest restrictions on developments are in Neighbourhood Residential Zones (NRZ), with an 8 metre height limit and limits on the number of dwellings which can be built on a lot.

Work on the Residential Zones began in February 2014 when Port Phillip Council consulted on its proposed application of the new zones. Council undertook this work in two stages:

  • Stage 1 (Amendment C113) – Council adopted a ‘Stage 1’ translation of the New Residential Zones and resolved to request the Minister for Planning undertake an amendment (Amendment C113) to implement the new residential zones.
  • Stage 2 (Amendment C114) – The Stage 2 built upon the earlier Amendment C113  and  considered further potential changes to zoning for specific areas, following consultation with affected property owners.

These amendments were forwarded to the Minister for Planning for approval (in May and August 2014 respectively).  In May 2015, Council received a response from the Minister for Planning to undertake further work on Amendments C113 and C114. The suggested changes included combining the two amendments, replacing the sliding density scale with a maximum number of dwellings and considering some additional areas for inclusion in the General Residential Zone. In response to the Minister’s request, in October 2015 Council considered two options and referred them to the Minister. The two options were:

  • Council’s preferred option (Amendment C118) – which combined Amendments C113 and C114 and made mainly administrative changes
  • An alternate option (Amendment C123) – Made the same administrative changes as C118 but also identified some additional areas to be considered for inclusion in the General Residential Zone (rather than in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone).

In July 2016, the Minister advised that he had decided not to approve C118 and had referred Amendment C123 to the Residential Zones Standing Advisory Committee to:

  • Give submitters an opportunity to be heard by an independent body in an informal, non-judicial manner.
  • Give independent advice to the Minister for Planning as outlined in the Terms of Reference.

The Committee completed its hearings in November 2016.  Tony Browne of JAAG made a submission and presentation to the Committee supporting the adoption of the proposals even though they are not ideal and somewhat watered down in terms of neighbourhood protection.

In December 2017, the Minister approved Amendment C123 generally in line with the zones as proposed and adopted by Council.

Junction Oval Update November 2017 September 22, 2016

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Construction of the new three storey building at the northern (City-end) of the Junction Oval is well underway with interior works commencing.

A community consultation meeting was held by Cricket Victoria at MSAC on 29 November 2017 to hear about the new facility.

For more information visit http://www.cricketvictoria.com.au/about/vccc/

Council budget items May 7, 2016

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JAAG represented the community at the council budget planning forum. See below for the summary points with regards to JAAG area activities:

  1. Construction of the 1st stage of the Wellington St upgrade program i.e. the Upton Rd intersection – completed 27 April 2016 with only landscaping to be installed.
  2. JAAG requested the next stage of the Wellington St upgrade be included in the budget i.e. the kerb outstands recommended for Wellington Street – works to be completed in the 2016/17 financial year.
  3. Installation of a wide circular walking path in the middle of the tan bark areas at Alma Park – opened 30 April 2016.
  4. Council are also looking into the watering system to regenerate the large area of Alma Park that has become a dust bowl.
  5. Wellington St median street trees- works to be completed in the 2016/17 financial year.
  6. Improvements to Dandenong Rd intersection – this will be a 2017/18 budget item.
  7. There are other major projects such as the DDA compliant tram stops in Fitzroy Street & St Kilda Junction underpass – whilst not a budget item Council will help to advocate for these with State Government.

One Way Street for Charnwood Grove? March 18, 2016

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Local residents of Charnwood Grove, St Kilda are growing increasingly concerned and frustrated with the heavy traffic & public street parking congesting their street which has become a busy shortcut route.

As a result of this extra traffic, residents cars are being damaged,  vehicles are getting stuck in congested parked cars, cars are speeding through the street and on multiple occasions even traffic jams have occurred with people beeping their horns and even at times getting out of their vehicles to abuse each other. Local, permit paying residents at times cannot even get a park on the street due to the amount of parked cars (non-residents) on the street.

Support is being sought from the local community – follow the link below for more information about the issues and to sign the petition.


Save the Hornby Street / Dandenong Rd Crossover February 22, 2016

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Dandenong Rd crossingLocal residents are petitioning the Minister for Roads and Road Safety to save the Hornby St/Dandenong Rd crossover from permanent closure.

Yarra Trams have stated that the closure is a direct result of several incidents and a very poor safety record.  However with no obvious safety improvements, notification, consultation with, or consideration of the implications on local residents to retain the crossover, residents fear that permanent closure would be the easy way out for the authorities.  All other Dandenong Road crossovers remain open for the benefit of their local residents.

With Vicroads Vince Panaro expected to make his assessment and decision on the future of the crossover in early March 2016, now is the time to voice your opposition.

Follow this link to sign the petition.

Police Safety Forum January 22, 2016

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Police Safety Forum conducted after crime SURGE in JAAG area 

In recent months, JAAG area residents are reporting a surge in the number of street, home and office crimes.   Reports of more than a dozen cars being broken into in the Crimea St, Wellington St, Charnwood St and Redan St area with goods being stolen, along with home and office entry doors being forced, gate locks being jemmied open, letter boxes invaded, suspects breaking into cars arrested, widespread grafitti, drug offences on the streets and bikes being stolen are examples of the wave of  crimes being reported.

In response to St Kilda’s crime issues, Police staged a community safety forum with a panel of police experts in early December that concerned residents attended. It is intended that this forum will take place every 6 months. Feedback to:  Mgr@Police.vic.gov.au

Remember: If you see anyone acting in a suspicious way however minor or had something stolen, please speak up and call 000 and ask for a Police squad car to investigate the incident.

Queens Way Mural January 22, 2016

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Exciting new Mural on Queens Way fills a graffiti hotspot

Yorm Bopha - ‘Write for Rights 2015 Mural Project’

Yorm Bopha – ‘Write for Rights 2015 Mural Project’ (double click to enlage this image).

by Mike Sabey
Two well known street artists with the support of Port Phillip Council and Arrow Health have completed a major mural work tying in with the international day for “Write for Rights” on a former graffiti hot spot facing Queens Way.

The mural depicts the struggle of Cambodian land rights activist Yorm Bopha noted for her opposition to a major development around her beloved Boeung Kak Lake, that saw more than 20,000 residents being displaced.
She stood firm against the company that had gained a 99 year lease and was sentenced in 2012 to three years’ imprisonment for “intentional violence with aggravating circumstances” that lead to several human rights groups to protest on her behalf.
After more than 250,000 people wrote letters to the government protesting her innocence, in November 2013, the Cambodian Supreme Court released Bopha on bail ordering that her case be further investigated and re-tried.

Melbourne artist Kaff-eine as part of the ‘Write for Rights 2015 Mural Project’ has collaborated with fellow local artist Adnate to create the huge mural celebrating Yorm Bopha’s journey. Their colourful and high impact mural facing Queens Way has been painted on a rear wall of Arrow Health Addiction Services Centre, located at 129 Wellington Street, St Kilda. Its accessible on foot by path and Council is treating the finished work with a sealant to prevent vandalism.
Kaff-eine is a Melbourne-based street and contemporary artist, who since 2010 has garnered a strong following among Australian and international street art lovers and art collectors, who are drawn to her illustrative freehand style, delicate line work, and quiet melancholic characters.
Adnate is a Melbourne artist who realizes his portraits in spray paint have moved past his earlier graffiti roots utilizing the medium to carry his realist style into the fine art realm.
We commend the team behind creating and delivering this local fine art initiative, which Jaag members hope will be enjoyed for years to come.
More: Mural being painted: https://vimeo.com/149212802    More info http://www.amnesty.org.au/features/comments/38552/