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Metropolitan Transport Forum August 2022 February 3, 2023

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The City of Port Phillip hosted a pre-election transport forum on 18 August 2022. Guest speakers were Nina Taylor (Labor), Sam Hibbins, (Greens) and David Davis (Liberal).  The meeting was chaired by Mayor Marcus Pearl.  Click on the link to hear what the major parties said about transport priorities for the coming term including some of JAAGs priorities for example: St Kilda Junction Master Plan and St Kilda Road Bike Lanes.



Our new councillors November 30, 2020

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Council 2020

Looking after each other during the COVID-19 pandemic July 9, 2020

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For the latest COVID-19 News go to the City of Port Phillip Website. https://www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/people-and-community/coronavirus-covid-19

Here is a link to business supports:


Support local business

The JAAG Committee trust that all our JAAG Members and families continue to stay safe and well during these uncertain times of the Corona pandemic.  These are certainly challenging times for all of us and it is important to look after each other and, as always, our community.

Fitzroy Street businesses continue to trade in innovative and creative ways -listed by clicking  here.

In our precinct Staples, at 181 Fitzroy Street,  also offers a delivery service if you require dairy products, fruit & vegetables as well as some bakery items and freshly made sauces simply access their website  www.staple.melbourne

In Wellington Street we have Sam’s Corner Cafe offering take away and the Bagel shop is still open for bagel and coffee.   Fuji Tei, the Japanese café at 17 Wellington Street is offering take-away. The Engine House cafe is also open for coffee and snacks.

One of the positive things to come out of these challenging times is the rapid growth of the sharing community and our ability to amplify what other people are doing for each other.  If you have services to offer please let JAAG know and we will share them with our members.


COPP draft Parking Management Policy October 9, 2019

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City of Port Phillip Parking Management Policy endorsed

On 20 February 2020, Council endorsed the new Parking Management Policy. This includes amendments made in response to community feedback on the draft Policy received in October and November last year. 

Key dates

Changes related to the new Policy will not commence until 1 July 2021, and some changes will not occur until 2025. This timing will allow the community to adjust to and prepare for the new Policy requirements before the take effect.

This link will take you to the Council’s meeting agenda and relevant documents.

If you have any questions about the implementation of the new Policy, visit portphillip.vic.gov.au/parking_permits.htm or alternatively contact Assist on 9209 6777.



Between 7 October and 3 November 2019, the City of Port Phillip sought community feedback on the draft Parking Management Policy via an online survey as well as meetings with residents and business owners.

The draft Policy has been informed by more than four years of consultation with the community.


The proposed changes in the draft Policy include:

  • Area-based Residential Parking Areas to create fairer access to parking for residents.
  • Demand responsive time controls and paid parking areas designed to maximise turnover and increase carparking availability based on demand.
  • A more streamlined and flexible range of available Parking Permit types.
  • Tiered pricing for Resident Parking Permits to promote the use of existing off-street parking resources and further manage demand across the City.


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The Albert Park Masterplan, the 25 year vision for Albert Park, was released by Parks Victoria in June 2019 following a period of community feedback  during 2017 and 2018.  For further information visit their website at Albert Park Master Plan

It has been 20 years since any comprehensive planning occurred for Albert Park as a whole and Melbourne has changed markedly in that time.  A master plan was needed to set the vision for the park and guide it through the next stage of its history. The goals of the project are to create a park that is:

  • Inspiring and exciting, as well as peaceful and relaxing;
  • Treasured by the local communities and the community of Melbourne;
  • Relevant to a growing and changing population;
  • Generating revenue for the improvement of the park;
  • Working towards sustainability in terms of natural resource use, and
  • Able to respond to increasing and changing community pressures

Of particular note for the JAAG community are the plans for the Fitzroy Street precinct.  Here are some  extracts from the plan:

The landscape treatment in this area provides for a functional space for small to medium-scale programmed community events such as markets, community or local school gatherings.  This will be a leafy urban space characterised by a grid of trees with joining canopies that provide shade and dappled light supporting an open space for community events.

As part of the City of Port Phillip Fitzroy Street street- scape upgrade, Fitzroy Street will be lined on each side with a row of plane trees. A second row along the Albert Park/Fitzroy Street boundary will create a strong avenue character, and behind this second row will be multiple rows of exotic trees with touching canopies. Tall exotic tree species with clear trunks will provide shade during hot weather, and allow the warm sun to filter through the canopy during the colder, winter months.  Low garden beds will provide additional visual interest and separation,and increase the biodiversity of this urban park setting. The pavement surrounding these trees will be a hardwearing and resilient permeable pavement treatment to accommodate a high volume of activity and foot traffic.

There are also plans for supporting the indigenous areas of the park as follows:

The Red Gum Triangle is managed as native bushland as it provides a snapshot of the indigenous vegetation of the area.  Red Gum Triangle boasts stands of Red Gums and other native trees, with a characteristic native under storey supporting natural ecosystems, providing a picturesque, shaded pocket of local, indigenous vegetation and is accessed by a low key pedestrian path.

The Albert Park Master Plan supports an approach for a flourishing indigenous under storey at the Red Gum Triangle and promotes indigenous planting through to the area surrounding the Ngargee (Corroboree tree). The aim is to enhance the original identity of the landscape of Albert Park by strengthening the indigenous plantings in this small, little-known pocket of the park. Extending indigenous plantings further into the centre of the park along the southern perimeter of the lake gives this area the recognition it deserves.

The restoration of the indigenous plant community at the Red Gum Triangle will support natural regeneration of species and ensure the full range of indigenous plant types are established at the site, including low ground covers, mid-height under storey and trees. The future management and landscape response will respect and respond to the aspirations of the Traditional Owners of this area and further works will be undertaken in collaboration with the Traditional Owners.

One Way Street for Charnwood Grove? March 18, 2016

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Local residents of Charnwood Grove, St Kilda are growing increasingly concerned and frustrated with the heavy traffic & public street parking congesting their street which has become a busy shortcut route.

As a result of this extra traffic, residents cars are being damaged,  vehicles are getting stuck in congested parked cars, cars are speeding through the street and on multiple occasions even traffic jams have occurred with people beeping their horns and even at times getting out of their vehicles to abuse each other. Local, permit paying residents at times cannot even get a park on the street due to the amount of parked cars (non-residents) on the street.

Support is being sought from the local community – follow the link below for more information about the issues and to sign the petition.


Save the Hornby Street / Dandenong Rd Crossover February 22, 2016

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Dandenong Rd crossingLocal residents are petitioning the Minister for Roads and Road Safety to save the Hornby St/Dandenong Rd crossover from permanent closure.

Yarra Trams have stated that the closure is a direct result of several incidents and a very poor safety record.  However with no obvious safety improvements, notification, consultation with, or consideration of the implications on local residents to retain the crossover, residents fear that permanent closure would be the easy way out for the authorities.  All other Dandenong Road crossovers remain open for the benefit of their local residents.

With Vicroads Vince Panaro expected to make his assessment and decision on the future of the crossover in early March 2016, now is the time to voice your opposition.

Follow this link to sign the petition.

ASTOR THEATRE June 24, 2015

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Astor Theatre

Palace Cinemas have appointed Melbourne-based film critic and cinema industry professional, Zak Hepburn, as General Manager for the Astor Theatre.  The Astor will continue the double features and classics plus re-mastered, new and independent movies; introducing film festivals and special events whilst maintaining the charm of this historic cinema.

The Astor re-opened on 7th June with a gala event on the 25th June, 2015.

JAAG’s successful participation in Port Phillip Council STATE ELECTION COMMUNITY FORUM – Sept 2014 December 27, 2014

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JAAG’s successful participation in Port Phillip Council STATE ELECTION COMMUNITY FORUM – Sept 2014 

JAAG was invited to attend Port Phillip Council’s State Election Community Forums.  Several community priorities were identified as important for the future of our City and Council have launched an ‘Our City, Your Voice’ State Election campaign. Go to  www.portphillip.vic.gov.au/our-city-your-voice.htm to find out more.  In our neighbourhood:

  • It was agreed that safety in Fitzroy street is to be immediately addressed.  JAAG submitted that the entire length of Fitzroy Street and St Kilda Junction pedestrian underpass be considered in the advocacy request to State government with an independent traffic study to be included.
  • Council is also advocating for the development and activation of Junction Oval.  JAAG has been keeping abreast of the developments with the impending Junction Oval project which seems to be getting larger and larger!  As you may be aware from the media in recent months the St Kilda football club is seeking to work with Cricket Victoria to upgrade sporting facilities at the St Kilda Cricket Grounds and the Ian Johnston oval. The proposed project will ultimately involve Federal, State and local government, Cricket Victoria, Cricket Australia, the AFL, St Kilda Football Club, St Kilda Cricket Club, the Old Melburnian’s amateur football club, the MCG, the MCC, Parks Victoria and St Kilda Park Primary School. JAAG believes this project, should it come to fruition, may also encourage the State government to budget for St Kilda junction to be upgraded to ensure safe passage for public transport users.


 JAAG will continue to actively engage with stakeholders in both projects.  Read more about the Junction Oval.

Breakthrough for ST KILDA JUNCTION PEDESTRIAN UNDERPASS SAFETY – 08/10/14 December 27, 2014

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Junction's dark, litter strewn underpass fails the safety test.

Junction’s dark, litter strewn underpass fails the safety test.

After heavy lobbying by JAAG, at long last a real breakthrough has been made to get St Kilda Junction’s notorious aging pedestrian underpass cleaned-up with the aim to improve the perception of safety and deter anti-social behaviour.

At a meeting organised by Prahran MP Clem Newton Brown with representatives from State Government’s Public Transport& Roads and VicRoads, attended by JAAG ‘s Kaye O’Connor and Jo McDonald, the Government agreed to spend $60,000 to upgrade the lighting within the walkways of the tunnels.

JAAG considers this budgeted amount, together with the undertaking by VicRoads to maintain the area, is a first step towards improving pedestrian, tram and bus passengers safety at the Junction with new improved vandal proof lighting, removal of illegal graffiti, unblocking drains and on-going cleaning of the subway.

The cleaning-up has already begun with the lighting to be commenced this year and completed by early 2015.

Mr Newton Brown said, “This is a good example of a small investment that can make a big difference to the amenity of the Prahran community, and I’d like to acknowledge Kaye O’Connor and JAAG for lobbying and bringing this issue to my attention.”

For many years JAAG has been lobbying for pedestrian and cycling access to the 50 year Junction to be brought up to the 21st Century and made more accessible and safer.

JAAG contends that thousands of pedestrians and cyclists access the Junction Hub daily.

  • The 50 year old  Junction tram stop is the only one on St Kilda Rd with a hub of five tram routes that does not comply with the Disability Discrimination Act’s requirements.
  • The ‘island’ bus stop near Barkly Street deposits passengers who often risk life and limb crossing busy St Kilda Rd south against the lights.
  • More than 3000 ride to work cyclists each day risk injury riding between fast moving lanes of trucks and cars.
  • The Junction has been long proclaimed one of Melbourne’s worst safety Black Spots.

Support JAAG by pointing out your safety concerns using the St Kilda Junction pedestrian underpass by commenting using the  Contact Us tab.