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Following the disastrous VCAT decision to approve the 18 storey LEGO tower at 2 St Kilda Rd, JAAG is now mounting amongst a number of projects, a concerted effort to have Port Phillip Council develop an Urban Plan for the Junction.

 More than twelve months ago the Junction Area Action Group (JAAG) met with City of Port Phillip re then urgent need for Council to strengthen the planning void for St Kilda Road south of the Junction, after a DPCD decision used the ‘void’ as part of its decision to grant a permit for a controversial 26 story tower block at 2 St Kilda Rd.

Now a year later and after two more tower decisions have been granted, nothing has been done at Council despite JAAG’s frequent call for it to act.

JAAG seeks wind tunnel testing for new high rise developments

With the City of Port Phillip’s buildings reaching new heights and being exposed to high winds especially off the Bay and the consequential wind vortex issues tall building create that effects the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, JAAG is asking City of Port Phillip to require wind tunnel testing.

Council is out of step with most other councils and should now set a policy that requires proposals for all building over six stories to undertake wind tunnel testing as a part of the application stage for a permit.


JAAG is asking CoP to include a Sunlight to Public Spaces Policy similar to City of Melbourne’s current policy.

Wellington Street’s famous peak hour LOG JAM is one of the typical issues JAAG works on to improve the livability of the precinct.

JAAG calls for a school pedestrian crossing opposite Marlton Cres over Wellington St to enable St Michael’s students to more safely cross  the road to the Technology Centre is being worked on.

2012 Council  Elections in October 27th – JAAG will be sending  candidates contesting  Junction Ward  election, questions about their policies  relating to development values and local community issues in our Ward.

Current Ward  Planning Applications update:

126 St Kilda Rd – Planning Application for backpackers hostel  is now listed for a Hearing at VCAT.
It went before a CPP Statutory Planning meeting on the 18th September, where Council unanimously voted against the project. Council will now inform VCAT at the Hearing that had Council been the deciding body,  it would have refused a planning permit.

23 Wellington Street – New planning application for 2 major promotional illuminated sky signs.

20 St Kilda Road – New planning application for Tattoo shop ( relocating from 46-52 St Kilda Rd) with dispensation for car parking and for 3 signs to shop including on verandah.



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